The Transition Task Force (TTF) met twice before the end of June 2017, and also worked via teleconferences and email correspondence. This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

First teleconference of the Transition Task Force, 6 January 2017

Agenda for the first TTF teleconference (to follow)
TTF teleconference minutes, Jan 2017

First in-person meeting of the Transition Task Force, 3-4 February 2017, Paris, France

Agenda & papers:

Draft agenda
TTF teleconference minutes, Jan 2017
Minutes of Extraordinary Joint GA 2016
The Recommendation to the Extraordinary Joint GA 2016 proposing the creation of the TTF
Narrative document that was presented to the Extraordinary Joint GA 2016
SWG mandate and role
ISSC Constitution
ICSU Statutes
( ISSC differences_final.docx?dl=0)
Table of criteria for comparison of organizational constitutions: the ISSC, ICSU, Interacademy Partnership (IAP), World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), International Association of Universities (IAU), Science Europe
Preliminary analysis and questions emerging from comparative analysis
ICSU Review recommendations on the Regional Offices
Legal framework and requirements regarding new organization and French labour law
ICSU 2015 Financial Summary
ISSC 2015 Financial Summary
ICSU National Member Dues 2015-2018
ICSU Union Dues 2015-2018
ISSC Member fees
Draft Consolidated Budget of a new Secretariat

PowerPoint slides

Proposed roadmap to a merger - recommendations resulting from the October 2016 Extraordinary Joint General Assembly
Work in Progress re. new Secretariat structure - Véronique Hontarrède
ISSC Regional Members
ICSU Regional Offices
ISSC Budget and Membership Dues
ICSU Budget and Membership Dues
Synthesis of issues concerning the choice of constitution: preliminary analysis and questions emerging


Minutes of the Transition Task Force meeting 3-4 February 2017

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