2017 Joint Meeting of ISSC and ICSU members

Following an in-principle decision to pursue the idea of a merger, taken in Oslo in October 2016, ICSU and ISSC members will be meeting again in Taipei on 25-26 October 2017. This meeting will be held in the context of the 32nd ICSU General Assembly and the IVth ISSC Extraordinary General Assembly.

During the Taipei meeting Members of the two organisations will review the proposed arrangements and strategy for a new organisation and, on that basis, vote in favour or against the proposed merger.

The 32nd ICSU General Assembly will take place prior to the Joint Meeting. It will formally open at mid-day on 23 October and the Assembly will conclude in the evening of 24 October.

The IVth ISSC Extraordinary General Assembly will take place on 24 October. More information is available on the ISSC website.

These events are being hosted by the ICSU Scientific Member in Taipei, the Academy of Sciences located in Taipei.

Detailed information about the General Assembly is also available from the ICSU website.

You can see all the PowerPoint presentations from the meetings on the ShareFile page.

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