The Strategy Working Group (SWG) met for three days at the end of January 2017 and again towards the end of May, as well as working via teleconferences and email correspondence. This page will be updated with details of meetings as they become available.

First teleconference, 5 January 2017

Minutes of the first SWG teleconference

SWG Workshop, 30-31 January 2017, Paris, France

First name Last name Affiliation Country
Sergio Adorno Strategy Working Group Brazil
Peter Agre Strategy Working Group USA
Nada Al-Nashif UNESCO France
Chinedum Babalola Strategy Working Group Nigeria
Geoffery Boulton Royal Society UK
Paul Boyle Strategy Working Group United Kingdom
Melody Brown Burkins Strategy Working Group USA
Craig Calhoun Berggruen Institute UK
Phil Campbell Nature, UK UK
Paul Cannon Strategy Working Group United Kingdom
Nicole Capitaine COFUSI France
Saths Cooper Co Chair, SWG South Africa
Robbert Dijkgraaf Institute for Advanced Study USA
Harsh Gupta IUGG India
Peter Haugan Strategy Working Group Norway
Jinghai Li Co Chair, SWG China
Benedikt Loewe Strategy Working Group Germany
Andy Martin Firetail UK
Khotso Mokhele ICSU/ISSC Facilitator South Africa
Helga Nowotny WWTF Vienna Science and Technology Fund Austria
Nick Perkins SCIDEV UK
Thomas Rosswall Sweden Sweden
Flavia Schlegel UNESCO France
Wesley Shrum Transition Task Force USA
Evangelia Tastsoglou Strategy Working Group Canada



Papers for the SWG workshop

See a recording of the high-level discussion panel and the following Q&A session. There is also a Storify summing up the discussions and a Flickr album of photos.

Report from the SWG workshop.

First in-person meeting of the SWG, 31 January - 1 February 2017, Paris France

Draft agenda for the first in-person meeting of the SWG (to follow).

Second in-person meeting of the SWG, 30 - 31 May 2017

Discussion at the SWG meeting focused on a draft high-level strategy for the new organization, following the feedback from ISSC and ICSU members on the initial draft circulated at the end of March. As highlighted in a recent webinar with ICSU and ISSC members, the strategy will be further developed with reference to agenda -setting, particularly to expand on how the organization’s members and leadership will be involved in selecting priorities. Members of the SWG also worked to strengthen proposals on the new organization’s regional presence, on relationships with members, and on developing an impactful communications strategy.

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